Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Republican primary 2012 judicial candidate endorsements

Harris County Courtroom Observers endorse the following  lawyers for judge in the republican  primary 2012.

Kevin Fulton- for justice of the peace,4th precint-place 1

Don R Willet-supreme court place 2

David Medina-supreme court place 4

Elsa Alcala-Tx court of criminal appeals place 8

Bruce Bain-judge of the 11th district court.

George May-judge of the 61st district.

Sonya Aston-for judge of the 127th district

Michael Landrum-for judge of the 129th district

Lamar Mccorkle-for judge of the 133rd district

leif olson-151st      and   kristin m guiney-179th

Allyson Wilkinson-for judge of the 152nd district.

Bud Wiesedeppe-for judge of the 164th(bud 4 judge).

Robert Summerlin-for judge of the 174th district court

Renee Magee-for judge of the 337th district court(Magee is the Key)

AUTHORITY LINE-founder Joshua ben bullard 832 258 7511
Harris County Courtroom Observers attorney of record Eric Dick
p.o box 667481  houston,texas 77266-7481

feel free to transfer  our endorsements to your smartphone and take inside the polls to vote,its now your right to do so.....load the wagon and vote the gop primary.......j bullard founder 1991..............................

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