Saturday, August 18, 2012

HCCO endorse candidate Brett Busby

In the matter of Attorney Barbara j.Gardner


           Attorney Brett Busby

     Harris County Judicial Candidates for the 14th court of appeals place 3

   The Harris County Courtroom Observers Hereby endorse Candidate Brett Busby for justice of the
14th court of appeals,place 3.

        In support thereof,we find: Candidate Barbara j.Gardner failed to ever respresent a criminal
defendant in any one case,not limited to appeals but also at the trial court level,even though she has been a lawyer for over 30 years.

  point B:Avast bulk of the 14th court of appeals docket is criminal appeals review-that should not be reviewed by candidate Barbara Gardner because we found she has no background in specific review of criminal cases.

point c:When criminal defendants "make pleas to the court"for review and relief,the HCCO desires to have an experienced attorney that has a working knowledge of criminal appeals,by Barbara Gardner's own admission,she has none in this area of law.This fact concerns the HCCO.

point d:Barbara Gardner states on her camp/website"The court of appeals lack balance,and their opinions often are biased against individuals and small business.I promise to return justice to the 14th court of appeals by applying the law fairly to all".The concern that the HCCO has with Barbara's statement is that it flys in the face of reality to the point that if it was true,the state judicial conduct committee would have cleared the justices from the bench years ago.

 Barbara Gardner attempts to use "political grandstanding"to gain the voters trust,while carefully trying to keep the voters eye away from the facts that she grossly lacks the legal expertise and any history handling  this caliber of specific appeals

                                      However,when we review candidate Brett Busby
We find;candidate Brett Busby has an abundance of appellate law experience,Busby is actually fueled by passion to want to work in public service and brings with him what some could call a perfected resume.

We found comfort with brett when we discovered that unlike his opponent he has past experience representing criminal appeals-which we feel is a must have for this bench.

we found that although hes represented major corporations in legal disputes,he also in many cases stood with the little guy in court as well.

To our amazement we stumbled across many appeals that are associated with Brett Busby's legal past,
see Alpert vs Gerstner,see Coc services Vs Grupo Carso,Miga Vs Jenson.

we found that candidate Busby was in fact a law clerk for the united states supreme court and  was in good standing apon his departure.

Candidate Busby  has a  work history with a legal brief in the united states supreme court,reaching what many lawyers will never obtain ,a venue to argue a case before the us highest court,busby reached this  point when he argued Day VS Mcdonough,a remarkable sight.

In closing,The Harris County Courtroom Observers strongly recommends to all voters  that cast a ballot regardless of party affiliation to join the HCCO November 2012 as we vote  for Brett Busby for the 14th court of appeals place 3 in Harris county state of Texas.

                                                                                                       so say we all
                                                                                  Hcoo/org lead counsel of record Eric Dick
                                                                                   po box 667481  houston,tx 77266-7481

Joshua ben bullard  founder 91

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