Thursday, September 6, 2012

Candidate Erica Graham Vs Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield
(for judge of the Harris County Civil Court at law 1)

 The Harris County Courtroom Observers Endorse Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield,

   In support thereof,We find the following.Candidate Debra Ibarra Mayfield obtained an extensive
working knowledge of  appeals with her past employment as a briefing attorney for the 14th court of appeals,becoming highly skilled at identifying issues that were valid  points of error for the court to review.We find this enhances the judicial efficiency of the Harris County Civil Court at law one because the judge can recognize an error and attend to it as a direct issue with in the county court.

 Debra Mayfield is in fact the current judge of Harris county court at law one and has been since she recieved the appointment by the Harris County Commissioners Court,inclusive of a yes vote for appoinment by Commissioner El Franco Lee.

 Mayfield has presided with judicial excellence with over ten jury trials to date.

Judge Debra Mayfield protects courtroom decorum as well as judicial decorum by maintaining the judges robe and the judicial gavel on the bench.

 The record shall reflect that judge mayfield has not issued a JNOV(judgement notwithstanding the jury verdict),The Harris County Courtroom Observers has always disagreed with judges that allow a question to go to term to a jury,only to interfere and issue there own ruling in lieu of the jury,it is our wish that one day soon the state will reduce the scope in this area of law.The jnov has almost no place in the harris county courts.We commend judge mayfield in allowing the legal process to amend itself as the wheels of justice have an appeals court to review jury verdicts.

 We found judge Mayfields courtroom  to be accessible to the public,both by phone and in person.
 Candidate Mayfield has a bachelors degree from Texas A and M  university,in part fulfilling a lifetime dream of her grandfather whom wished one of his kids or grandchildren would attend and graduate from this fine institution of learning.
 A number of years ago her life was interrupted by a gentleman that served as a captain in the United States Army"Where he served as an operations officer and platoon leader in germany",Captain Eric Mayfield.

 Eric wanting to pursue a personal relationship with debra,he asked and received her hand in marriage,today they are happily married with two children.

 In closing,we ask all voters to look beyond party lines and join the Harris County Courtroom Observers in November as we go to the polls and vote for Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield for judge of the Harris county civil court at law 1.

so say we all
HCCO est 1991
po box 667481
Houston,Tx 77266-7481
Joshua Ben Bullard,founder

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