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Harris County Courtroom Observers 2012 nov election/endorsement letter

 The HCCO-2012 endorsement letter is dedicated to the memory of two of Harris county's finest lawyers.Thomas r Steinmeyer and Michael Edward Barrow,with out the time and dedication of these two lawyers,the Harris County Courtroom Observer's may have never developed threw the 1990's.

''Bill of exception,city of Houston special election"District E endorsement-The Harris County Courtroom Observers hereby Endorse candidate Elizabeth Perez for district E for Houston City council.We find that candidate Elizabeth Perez has the best working knowledge of the local goverment needs of district e and ask all members of the HCCO as well as all voters in district e to cast your vote for Elizabeth Perez,so say we all.

We pray that all judicial courts will reinstate judicial decorum and courtroom decorum by returning the judicial gavel back to the bench,as it was never supposed to be removed in the first place.

The following endorsed Harris County Judicial candidates for  the November 2012 general election received selection with out any regards to partisan politics.

1.For the 14th court of appeals place 5-The HCCO endorse (r) Martha Hill Jamison

2.For the 14th court of appeals place 6-The HCCO endorse (r) Bill Boyce

3.For Justice of the peace pct 1,place 1-The HCCO endorse (d) Dale  M Gorczynski

4.For Harris County Civil Court at law # 1-The HCCO endorse (r) Debra Ibarra Mayfield

5.For Harris County Civil Court at law # 2-The HCCO endorse (r) Theresa Chang

6.For Justice of the peace pct 2,place 2-The HCCO endorse (D) Joann Delgado

7.For district judge 151st-The HCCO endorse (d) Michael Engelhart

8.For district Judge 152nd-The HCCO endorse (r) Don Self

9.For Judge of the 164th district-The HCCO endorse (r) Bud Wiesedeppe

10.For Judge of the 179th District Court-The HCCO endorse (r) Kristin M. Guiney

11.For Judge of the 178th District  Court-No Endorsement-All voters urged to undervote this race

12.For Justice of the peace pct 3,place 1-The HCCO endorse (d) Mike Parrott

13.For judge of the 177th District Court-The HCCO endorse (r) Ryan Patrick

14.For judge of the  176th District Court The HCCO endorse (r) Stacey Bond

 15.For judge of the 174th District Court-the HCCO endorse (r) Robert Summerlin

16.for judge of the 337th District Court-The HCCO endorse (r) Renee Megee

17.For Judge of the 338th District court-The HCCO endorse (r)Brock Thomas

18.For judge of the 339th District Court -The HCCO endorse(r) Brad Hart

19.For Judge of the 351st District Court -The HCCO endorse(r) Mark Kent Ellis

20.For Justice of the 14th court of appeals place 3-The HCCO endorse (r) Brett Busby

21.For Texas Court of criminal appeals  place 8-The HCCO endorse (r) Elsa Alcala

22.For Justice Supreme Court  Place 4-The HCCO endorse (r) John Devine

23.For  Justice Supreme Court  place 6-The HCCO endorse (r) Nathan Hecht

24.For Presiding Judge for the Texas Court of Criminal appeals-The HCCO endorse (r) Sharon Keller

25.For Justice of the  Texas Supreme Court place 2-The Harris County Courtroom Observers endorse (r) Don Willett

26.For Justice of the 1st Court of appeals place 2-The HCCO endorse (r) Jane Bland

27.For District Judge 165th-The HCCO endorse (D) Josefina Rendon

28.For Justice of the 1st Court of appeals place 6-The HCCO endorse (r) Harvey Brown

29.For Justice of  the 1st Court of appeals place 7-The HCCO endorse (r) Terry Jennings

30.For Justice of the 1st Court of appeals place 9-No Endorsement-Voters urged to undervote this race

31.For Judge of the 133rd District-The HCCO endorse (r) Lamar McCorkle "a judges judge"

32.For Judge of the 11th District -The HCCO endorse (r) Bruce Bain

33For Judge of the 61st District -The HCCO endorse (r) Jeff Hastings

34.For Judge of the 80th District -We Find that the current Judge has issued in our opinion excessive amounts of (JNOV)and urge all voters to vote for our endorsed candidate (r) Richard Risinger,we endorse Richard Risinger for Judge of the 80th District court in Harris County Texas.

35.For Judge of the 125th District Court-The HCCO endorse (r) John Coselli jr

36.For Judge of the 127th District Court-It is with great honor and pleasure to see a desire to return to the bench from one of Harris County's great judges,Respectfully the HCCO endorse Russell Lloyd(r)for Judge of the 127th

37.For Judge of the 129th District-The HCCO endorse (r) Michael Landrum

38.For Judge of the 334th District -The HCCO endorse (r) Ken Wise

39.For Judge of the 215th District-The HCCO endorse (r) Ken Shortreed

40.For Judge of the 333rd District -The HCCO endorse (r) Joseph tad Halbach

41.For Judge of the 14TH court of Appeals place 8-The HCCO endorse (r)John Donovan

42.For Judge of the 14th Court of appeals place 4-The HCCO endorse (r) Jeff Brown

43.For Justice of the peace pct 8 place 1-The HCCO endorse (r) Holly Williamson

44.For Justice of the peace pct 7 place 1-The HCCO eNDORSE (D) Hilary H. Green

45.For Justice of the peace pct 4,place 1-No Endorsement-Voters urged to under vote this race

46.For Justice of the peace pct 6 place 1-The HCCO  endorse (d) Richard C Vara

47.For Justice of the peace pct 5 place 1-The HCCO endorse  (r) Russ Ridgway

Authority line-Joshua ben bullard HCCO founder est 1991,832-258-7511
po box 667481 Houston,Texas 77266-7481

HCCO lead attorney or record ,Eric Dick 832-207-2007

In closing,you have the right to view this letter in the voting booth when you go vote.

Special thanks-To our attorney eric dick,with out your vision and advocation to push the envelope for a better Harris County Courthouse,We may have fell short of the added features the voters have received,thank you.To Randall Kubosh,Paul Kubosh,Mike Kubosh,We cannot thank you three enough for fighting for our freedoms from which this great country was founded,when what many thought was impossible,you three made believers out of millions of people,including us,thank you for everything.

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