Saturday, February 8, 2014

Harris County Courtroom Observers 2014 republican primary endorsement letter

                   Harris county courtroom observers 2014 republican primary endorsement letter
                                            " We still ,only endorse the judges"

Tx supreme court =Nathan Hecht=Jeff Brown And Sharon McCally

Tx court of appeals#3=Russell Lloyd  Tx district court #246th =Charley Prine,

#247=Melanie Flowers,#263 Robert Summerlin,#269 John Wittenmyer,

311th family court=Donna Detamore,   county criminal crt #10=tonya McLaughlin

Jp court 4-2 = Louis Guthrie,      Jp 5-2= Jeff Williams

Tx Court Criminal Appeals = Kevin Patrick Yeary

Tx Court Criminal Appeals = Barbara Walther

Hcco Founder Joshua Bullard est 1991.....832-258-7511,in the 184th district court

"Advocates For Legal Excellence" Tx Supreme Court Justice  Don R Willett

 po box 667481   Houston,Tx 77266

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