Monday, February 15, 2016

DA Candidate Kim Ogg used perjured testimony to convict teenager in 1992,Tx vs Wilton Bethany

 Why would Candidate kim Ogg put a teenager in prison for life,under the law of parties.In 1990 there was a jewerly store robbery on harwin committed by a 19 year old male ,Ponchai Wilkerson in which the shop owner was gunned downed by a single actor,Ponchai Wilkerson.Kim Ogg a prosecutor under Johnny Holmes requested she be appointed the lead prosecutor in Ponchai's death penalty trial,Holmes denied kim oggs request and gave her the Wilton earl Bethany case instead,Bethany had just turned 17 years old 2 weeks before the heist,and there were several eye witnesses that testified that they spoke with bethany in the jewlery store before the crime and he identified himself and held a lengthy conversation as these witnesses had attended school with bethany,"wilton didnt appear nervous ,nor did he act as if he was going to participate in a robbery".Prosecutor kim ogg pushed on ,in a trial to a judge she demanded a life sentence on the record for the young teen,this wasnt very difficult as kim ogg tried the teenager to a trial by judge no jury,judge bob burdette of the 184th(the judge that recieved the dwi and left the bench),In 2000 Ponchai Wilkerson was executed by the state of Texas,However the young teen Bethany still remains in Tdcj serving a life sentence,for just being at the wrong place at the wrong time and getting the wrong prosecutor Kim Ogg 1992 (state of Texas Vs Wilton earl Bethany)
In 1992 prosecutor Kim ogg Used a witness that had admitted on the stand that they had out right lied and committed perjury  in regards to a armed robbery on gessner ,in southwest Houston.After examining the record in the case kim ogg continued to prosecute the young teen under the law of parties,The young african american  male whom had just turned 17 years old by two weeks  face a prosecutor demanding he recieve a life sentence,even though he wasnt the principle actor in any crime,Sadly kim ogg ignored the fact that wilton bethany was a first time offender,she demanded judge bob burdette give wilton life in prison where he remains to this very day."

Harris County Courtroom Observers

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