Saturday, March 12, 2016

City of Houston in direct violation of Texas constitution art 1 sec 3

On august 6 2014 Houston City Council gave the green light to unlimited public emulment access to all Transportation network  company drivers  in Houston but continues to refuse the same unlimited access to the Houston public for all Taxi drivers, defying the Tx constitution that strictly prohibits the city from "granting access to one group of free men  to the public emulment and denying access to another group of free men".
           Currently the city attorney refuses to  take action and continues to fail to inform her client (COH) that a breach in the state constitution is currently being committed by city Goverment.Mayor Turner should take action to lift the limit of access of taxi drivers to the public emulment  by executive order.

                                         Harris County Courtroom Observers  March 12 2016

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