Wednesday, June 22, 2016

CM Mike Knox Recieves Public Admonishment for unfair Hiring Practices.

The Harris County Courtroom Observers  publishes this Public Admonishment levied against Houston City Council Member Mike Knox For Unfair Hiring practices,The Hcco finds that Mike Knox  hired a city insider that was already a sitting chief of staff for out going council member oliver pennington without publishing the job opening with the Tx workforce commision  to list the job opportunity for college grads to   be reviewed  rather cm knox  executed what is known as unlisted job placement.
      Mike knox should not have  retained and hired Chief of staff john moss rather he should have hired a  qaulified college grad that has the creditials yet lack the opportunity.CM knox should Terminate employement of John moss as soon as possible. So Say We All HCCO.

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