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Mya Harrison's Trilogy Part 1,Untold story of Mya Marie Harrison

    In 1979,on the tenth day of October the Midwest region of the United States of America was hit with one of the most unexpected snow storms in US history.With millions snowed in around the regions there was a young couple that had managed to rush to the hospital on October "9th" on the east side of Washington  DC. They were panicked because the first time mother had gone into labor  9 days early and they both feared the worst but hoped for the best.

   A young struggling musician from Washington that lived hand to mouth singing wherever there was a paycheck, Sherman Hajjie Harrison and his wife Theresa went into the final stage of labor at 2:09 am on October 10th, breathing and pushing until exactly  6:57 am, at that moment the young couple would have had no idea that they had just given birth to one of the most talented musical artists the world would come to know as simply, Mya.

 A baby girl born "9" days before the doctors said the world was ready for her at 7lbs 1oz her father held the newborn in his arms and turned to his wife with tears in his eyes and  said "Theresa I want to name her Mya", pausing for only a second she replied "only if her middle name is Marie"with the new parents settling on Mya Marie Harrison.
                                                          Mya's Trilogy part 1(sacrificing Mya)

   Anytime we take a child from the lanes of normalcy, in Mya's case this path would begin at age 4, there is a trade off, as if the higher powers are saying to Mya's parents "if you take the child this way, this path, it will cost the child this much"this is the option that Mya's parents took for a one in 9 million chance at fame and what was supposed to be a fortune. Readers ask "what is the price that was paid and was it Mya's parents that paid it?" The answer is no, it's Mya's parents that cultivated the idea of a super star and crafted it. Mya was simply the vehicle and the price she has paid for fame has been tremendous.

   Mya Struggles with normal interpersonal skills, she can step on stage with a thousand fans and know exactly what to do but when she's overcharged at the check out counter she's silent, when most of us would raise objection or at the very least make inquiry. Mya raises concerns in radio interviews that are limited only to issues of inconvenience related to her climb to fame. However the real Mya Marie Harrison can be abrasive in her direct communication with people, strangers and even long term Miss Mya fans. Its safe to assume that she suffered more than just mere inconvenience on her path to becoming Miss Mya the singer.

   She struggles emotionally on issues that you and I would not. The fact is most of her life she was by herself.
Mya's fans may have thought that she had a team of people and personal assistants at the height of her music career but this simply wasn't the case.

In interviews Mya admits "I wish I would have paid for a family member to travel with me through those first years of touring, I was alone and it would have been nice to have someone with me".Unfortunately for Mya today after all these years she still is unable to grasp that she wasn't supposed to have to pay for a family member to be there.
Perhaps the family members that wanted her to be  a star and began to mold their vision threw her at the young age of 4 should have been with her for the journey.
     Now quickly  approaching 40 years old Mya is still single but to expound further than that she has been unable to maintain even one long term healthy relationship with anyone,(outside of close friends and family). Shes not married and never has been and of course she has no children.What if Mya the singer would have never happened ,would this still be the case? If Mya's parents would have never enrolled her in dance classes at 4 yrs of age and pressed her for the next 6 years,until at 10 she out right refused to continue to participate, telling her parents Sherman and Theresa she was finished.

      Its almost as if Mya thinks she can explain everything away with each promo interview she grants, convinced that no one will ever see her problems or emotional struggle she deals with from her past.
She will often post  social media pictures of this friend of hers from Miami or this close friend from Vegas, but the truth is they don't know her anymore than you do. Mya forgets to tell you that she hasn't seen or visited  this person in 4 years or maybe 5 or 6 yrs.
      Mya was built to make everything appear to look fantastic, not a care in the world, everything is perfectly fine and most importantly she was from a very young age taught to make every situation in her life appear to be under control, even when it wasn't. The very first job she had was being a dance instructor, directing competitions, developing a win at all cost attitude.

      Mya's parents were relentless in their pursuit for Mya to complete the vision of stardom, you see her parents set her entire life to be programmed for perfection. In Mya's case the bar was set too high, the man collected too much of a life toll on the kid so when she arrived in adulthood she struggled with the ability to maintain relationships. Mya doesn't know how to effectively deal with any type of confrontation on a consistent basis.When issues in her relationships become foreign to her,she simply packs her bags and hits the door, returning to the few real friends she's had in Washington her entire life only to repeat the process over and over and over, never realizing that she wasn't supposed to hit the hills in that particular relationship but rather should have dug in and made it work.

                                     Mya gets dropped by the Major labels in 2005
  By 2004 music had changed and evolved from 1998, it was almost as if the ship had left the shore and musically Mya had forgotten to board. Harrison had completed her submission of her album titled "control freak"to interscope records but interscope refused to release it, they weren't releasing it because they didn't think it would sell and lacked a radio hit, but Mya persisted and even began to publicly downtalk her record company for the delayed release in many interviews.To Mya's credit the record company should have sat her down for a "come to Jesus meeting"about why they didn't think the album would sell. They should not have kept her in the blind but they did. By 2005 Mya had reached a point that her fans had heard enough. Even Mya's Grammy she won with three other singers at the same time had begun to fade into the memories of her past. Realizing her record company was not going to release her album she demanded a release complaining that the album had now been leaked. In my first person I have never been emotionally moved by "the album was leaked complaint" lodged by Mya.  Research shows that the album "Control Freak"simply was never suited for a commercial release date and lacked the mere possibility of a radio hit that Mya had once produced almost 6 years prior.

   In the 1990's and early 2000's major record labels like interscope spent millions of dollars on marketing and promo on Mya, she had become famous since entering music in 1998, but the questions that arrive because of this fame are was Mya born a natural singer or was  it because of the millions the record company put into her first 3 albums? When Mya's stay at the major labels was no longer welcome in 2005,she realized that the fame she gained was hers to keep and she went on the road  doing shows around the world with Performances in Miami Florida,Vegas, Kenya, Canada,Houston Tx@engine room,Seattle etc etc .

       Mya still continues to perform however not anywhere near the volume of bookings as years ago. Mya hit some of the roughest times in her life through 2007-2010 and Mya's trilogy part 2 will reveal all the detailed specifics from Mya's life in those years..... Mya's life dissection...Mya Harrison's Trilogy part 2....Sacrificing Mya's career. TO BE CONTINUED.....part 2.............The Trilogy of Mya Harrison

    Another@julliancain project    Written by Joshua Ben bullard     twitter @julliancain


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